Candidates for membership

Candidates for membership

1. The applicant for membership in the cluster must meet the following conditions :
- Or capital . important activity is the manufacture of packaging or packaging processes or activities

- closely related to the production of packaging ( eg . suppliers, service providers , service organizations , consumer) .
- Involves research or educational institutions .


2. The headquarters of the company or establishment must be in Hradec Kralove, Pardubice and in the Vysocina region . Regional limitation does not apply to members with a significant contribution to the work of the cluster.


3. A condition of membership is the repayment of tuition fees (except founders ) and the basic membership contribution ,unless statutes or other law or other conditions for the membership.


4. Membership in the cooperative formed on the basis of a written application submitted by a candidate for membership and decisions. Directors of its acceptance as a member of the cooperative. The entry form must be accompanied by a certificate of payment enrollment and primary, respectively . initial membership deposit.

- Application for a team member - legal entity

- Application for a team member - natural person


5. The board is obliged to decide on the application no later than the first meeting of the month following the date the team delivered. This decision must be delivered by registered member .


6. The board returns enrollment and primary , respectively . initial membership deposit to a third party who did not accept as a member , to 30 days after the negative decision.


Types of membership in the cooperative :

1. Basic membership.

2. Academic memberships .


The basic membership means of membership arising under the terms of I. statutes .

Academic membership means the member universities, universities and other academic institutes and companies based Regional Offices and specialized institutions . Academic membership is full-featured with a basic membership . To become a member of the same conditions as apply for admission as a member with a basic membership , except as stated otherwise specified in this Constitution .


The basic membership contribution amounts to 5 000, - CZK .

The basic membership fee for the academic membership is 1 , - CZK .

The enrollment fee is 300 , - CZK .

Member deposits are repaid to the account team.

In case you are interested in becoming a member of the cluster , please fill out the registration form and application . In turn will inform you about the next steps.