OMNIPACK Cluster is an open community of cooperating enterprises engaged in the design and manufacture of industrial packaging and other companies in the field of packaging technology , logistics, service organizations and educational institutions.

Cluster mission
OMNIPACK Cluster mission is to increase competitiveness and economic growth entrepreneurs in the field of packaging and logistics services by supporting their innovation activities.
The main principles of the mission is the transformation of knowledge development and research into the environment of cluster members , the strengthening of ties in scientific research and educational institutions and the systematic training of members of the cluster.

Objective Cluster OMNIPACK
The aim of the activities OMNIPACK Cluster is coordinating operational cooperation between members , expansion of existing infrastructure and the creation of tools for more efficient use of internal resources and capacities of the cluster , in order to create a favorable environment for the development of innovative activities , economic growth and increase competitiveness .

Priorities Cluster OMNIPACK :

  • Support innovation activities
  • Strengthening the links between R & D & I and industrial companies in the cluster
  • Support for education of skilled manpower in the cluster
  • Development of standards that strengthen ties between cluster members.


Long-term strategy of the cluster :
Long-term strategy cluster is to be a strong community of cooperating and competing firms from the area of packaging , packaging technology , service organizations , research and educational institutions and encourage and coordinate their cooperation so as to enable an increase in the number of innovations introduced and increase their competitiveness.



OMNIPACK Cluster members meeting announcement

The meeting of the cluster members will take place on 8. 2. 2019 at 14:00. Further information can be found in the invitation.