Cluster OMNIPACK Joint projects are designed and implemented in accordance with the mission of the cluster: the continuous creation of a favorable business environment for innovation and increased competitiveness OMNIPACK Cluster and its members through collective research projects .



OMNIPACK Cluster provides long-term cluster activities - joint projects of members of the Cluster and its partners , which have the following outputs:


  • OMNIPACK Cluster technology centers - specialized development offices are equipped with modern technologies for the development and testing of individual components of the packaging system OMNIPACK (ie . Containers , fixation , filling etc. ). The cluster coordinates the use of various technological centers and comprehensive professional services provided. Centers provide the required performance tests, including evaluation , design optimization solutions and recommendations for further development.
  • OMNIPACK packaging system - a set of studies, technical design innovations of individual components of a combined system, including defined conditions for a successful transfer of innovations into industrial practice . The unique packaging system OMNIPACK unifies the technical parameters and procedures for development projects Cluster . Individual members of development projects on these standards are aligned so as to obtain a reduction in development costs , and improve the ratio of cost to innovation and effect of them.
  • Centralized knowledge and information base - a comprehensive set of industry-oriented systematically acquired and classified information. It is based on data from market research , patent searches , industry research, innovations and trends , technical data and processes realized.
  • Systematic human resource development - coordinated process of human resources management cluster in order to ensure their unique knowledge and skill level , which is a prerequisite for effective collective research and a source of continuous innovation activities of all cluster members . OMNIPACK Cluster implements a long-term program " The common HRD of the Cluster " .


Thanks to long-term cooperation with universities and partners in the region, the Cluster OMNIPACK able to provide other services that are directly related to advice on business development.


The project entitled "Rozvoj Klastru OMNIPACK " was implemented within OPPI program Cooperation - Clusters II . challenge in the period March 2012 - February 2015. The project was completed .
The project entitled "Rozvoj inovačních aktivit Klastru OMNIPACK" was implemented within OPPI program Cooperation - Clusters I. The challenge in the period March 2009 - February 2012. The project was completed.